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Your institution’s website should reflect its culture, values and mission. In today’s world your digital presence means everything.

At Digital HBCU, our goal is to help you capture the essence of what makes your school unique and boost your digital presence to increase enrollment, retention and funding opportunities. Many Historically Black Colleges & Universities are behind digitally and have not given enough attention to their school website, mobile app and other digital platforms. Because of that, many prospective students are not applying to your schools.

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HBCU Digital Culture

HBCUs offer inclusive environments that foster intellectual growth as well as a sense of community.

Your institution’s digital culture should be a reflection of your campus climate. Website and mobile app components such as tone, typeface, color scheme, multimedia content and interactive features should showcase your school’s mission and values. Our team will help your HBCU identify the most effective ways to digitally capture your school ethos and engage your target audiences.

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Convey Your Message

Prospective students will create a perception of your HBCU based on what they see online. Intentional or not, your website or mobile app are sending a message.

At Digital HBCU we help you take control of that message and craft your institution’s brand identity with intention and purpose. We know your students come from a variety of backgrounds and that a one-size-fits-all approach to recruiting will not generate the response you need to improve student enrollment and engagement. We specialize in customized digital design that will ensure you are reaching your entire demographic in the most effective way.

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Increase Application Rates

HBCUs constitute only about 2 percent of higher education institutions in the United States, so it is important that they stay digitally competitive.

The easier it is for prospective students to gather key information and answer inquiries through an HBCU website or mobile app, the more likely they are to submit an application or a form to learn more. Digital HBCU can help you streamline the application experience so that prospective students can submit forms quickly and easily and stay engaged throughout the process.

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Better Student Engagement

Better student engagement means higher retention rates and improved quality of life for both students and teachers.

We design websites and mobile apps that help new students, returning students and alumni feel connected to a larger community and support system. With a mobile app designed by Digital HBCU, students will have access to everything they need to thrive in a campus environment—including information about campus life, student services, housing, job fairs and internship opportunities. Student engagement and retention efforts begin the minute an application is submitted.

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Every Historically Black College & University has its own culture, educational strengths, traditions, and history. That story must be presented to your future students, digitally.

Why Digital HBCU?

To help Historically Black Colleges & Universities become more competitive digitally, we dedicated our agency to building websites and mobile apps exclusively for HBCUs.


Our first step is listening to and understanding your goals. We then identify your pain points and create an online strategy to help you accomplish those goals.

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