How Digital HBCU Helps Your College & University

HBCU Students

Website Design & Mobile App Development for HBCUs

Many HBCUs are behind on modern day digital marketing. Our mission it to change that.

Historically Black Colleges & Universities all have their unique culture and campus experiences. Before a potential student applies, they’ll view your website and social pages. That first impression means everything. Before they step foot on your campus, their eyes will be fixed on your digital presence.

Once you have them on your campus as a student, you shouldn’t stop there. Keep them engaged with a regularly updated website and a mobile app that allows all current students to stay informed about on-campus events, sorority and fraternity information, alumni, sports events, and more!

Your entire digital presence should reflect the experience a student will receive on your campus, before they get there.

HBCU Students


In today’s digital society, we help you find your audience online.

We provide services like website design, mobile app development and digital marketing that cater only to HBCUs around the nation.

Our approach will help you attract more students and keep your current student base more engaged. Our research has found that millennials will judge your college or university based on what they see online.

That’s what we’re here for. To help you dominate your competitors and reach your college and university goals.

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