Mobile Apps for HBCU Improving Student Engagement

Unite Your Campus with the Digital HBCU Mobile App

The HBCU mobile app is a hub for students and alumni to connect and stay informed about campus news, Greek Life, student services, sports events, and more.

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Creating a campus community

  • Showcase your school culture and extend the campus experience.
  • Help students and alumni feel connected to a larger community.
  • Keep your student body informed with school updates and news.

Improve student engagement

  • Spread the word about sports events, homecoming events, Greek Life and more.
  • Allow students to receive push notifications for specific categories and topics.
  • Give students immediate access to academic resources and school information.

Easy to get started

  • Digital HBCU apps are customized to match your school’s colors, style and brand.
  • No tech knowledge necessary: training will be provided on how to manage your app.
  • Populate directly from your website and make any adjustments on your personalized dashboard.
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