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Website development.

In higher education, your website is your ultimate brand statement. Prospective students and donors are judging your school based on your website design and online presence. The best college and university websites make it easy for current and future students to find what they want. We help your institution determine what to present and how to present it to dramatically improve conversion rates.

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Mobile app design.

We build mobile apps that are an extension of your HBCU’s campus experience. We capture the inclusive atmosphere of your school and provide a way for students to connect with peers, mentors and personal or academic resources. Whether you are looking to create an iPhone app, Android app or other platform, we have the mobile app developers and technology you need to make your idea a successful reality.

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Digital marketing services.

We are taught not to judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to your digital presence, all it takes is a quick glance for you to gain or lose the interest of a prospective student or donor. Effective digital marketing is not just about being visually engaging, it is about invoking an emotional response with your audience and touching into their values and goals. We help you make a great first impression. And a great first impression is a lasting impression.

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It is difficult to know where you are going without a clear vision of where you are, who you are competing against, and what opportunities you are missing. That is why strategy comes first. We are a high-level internet marketing service that gets your website discovered online to help increase enrollment, retention rates and funding opportunities. We will consult with your institution and recommend strategies for optimizing visibility and connecting with your target audiences.

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